the Best From Yourself

& Your Stakeholders

Because Your Business

Is Your People


What we do

Paisley Group leverages a network of experienced professionals who utilise the latest research and strategic, big picture thinking to create lasting change for our clients. For us, it's all about your people- employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. These relationships are the foundation of every growing business.
Our consulting work focuses on uncovering the root cause(s) of a problem or challenge before working with your organisation to achieve their vision, recognising your values, culture and goals. We take a broad view instead of giving you a 'bandaid' solution that might cause problems to other areas of your business.
In our training workshops, you will learn tools to think in new ways, build your knowledge and implement strategies to achieve results. Workshops will inspire long term vision, nurturing and utilising network relationships, creative problem solving and excellence in communication. Workshops are customised to the audience’s level of expertise, needs and time restrictions.


1. Visible, measurable, immediate improvement in the sales and negotiation process and its results.

2. Stronger and more loyal relationships with clients and other stakeholders such as suppliers and employees.

3. Better representation of the organisation and its values.

4. Team bonding as participants learn from each other's wins and past failures.

5. Culture creation: Where people are the centre of everything you do is considered a craft, worthy of planning, assessment and reflection.




Varina is a Researcher and Lecturer at UNSW Business School and Founder of Paisley Group. She blends over 15 years professional experience with academic research and teaching to bring expertise in management, communication and human relations. 

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